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Opening Scene
MOV QuickTime 3 - 3.5mb
AVI - 5mb
RealVideo - 56k Modem 28k Modem

Parental Figures
MOV QuickTime 3 - 1.3mg
AVI - 1.8 mb
RealVideo - 56k Modem 28k Modem
Tour Diary - Contains parts of demo version of "No Connection"
MOV QuickTime 3 - 3.9mb
AVI - 4.9mb
RealVideo - 56k Modem 28k Modem
The Banned Damn Video - Sophie's thoughts on the banned video of "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover"
MOV QuickTime 3 -
AVI - 2.7mb
- 56k Modem 28k Modem

MOV QuickTime 3 - 2.9mb
AVI - 3.9mb
RealVideo - 56k Modem28k Modem

I Walk Alone - Contains demo version of "I Walk Alone"
MOV Quicktime 3 - 1.1mb

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